As technology becomes more and more prevalent in today’s society the need to have a working computer and even smartphone becomes an absolute must. Most businesses today would not be able to run without at least one efficient and effective computer. Just like anything else, though, computers and smartphones can become damaged or need maintenance to keep them optimized for performance.

Avoid the troublesome downtime that can come with a malfunctioning computer or smartphone by turning to the experienced IT professionals at Computers Plus. We provide extensive electronic and computer repair in Corona, CA, to keep you connected. We take your issues very seriously and will do everything in our power to save your information, protect your computer, and get everything back up and into working order.

Computer Services that Deliver Results

It might start with your system running a bit slower than usual. Then comes the little hiccups that have you crossing your fingers that you hit the save button in time. Eventually, when left untreated, these small system issues will develop into a full-blown problem that could leave you without a computer when you need it the most. How do you stop computer issues from developing into major headaches? You reach out to our experienced IT professionals For service.

The team at our computer repair shop works hard to ensure all of your technology is working just as it should. We are also very proficient when it comes to data recovery on hard drives, flash drives, and cell phones. That means, even if you didn’t make proper backups, our team might just be able to save those important files from your failing computer so they do not end up lost forever.

There are many different types of computers out there in today’s technologically-rich world and our team takes great pride in our ability to service most of them. Turn to us when you need computer repair and maintenance services for:

PC Computers | PC Computers | Apple iMacs | MacBooks | MacBook Pros | Cell Phones | Smartphones | Tablets | Printers


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A History of Outstanding Customer Care

Operating since 1993, our computer repair shop has built a solid reputation when it comes to diagnosing computer and cell phone issues and finding solutions that bring things back into working order. As technology continued to evolve, so did our technicians. We always built upon our past knowledge as we studied and trained on the latest computer and smartphone releases to ensure we could always deliver the same high-level of workmanship to our clients.

When you bring your malfunctioning electronic equipment to us, you are bringing it to true experts in their field. We manage to do jobs faster than most of our competition while always making sure that everything is performed the right way the very first time. When you are experiencing any computer problems, cell phone issues, or are in need of immediate data recovery service, our IT professionals will be there ready, willing, and able to assist you.

Contact us if you are in need of computer or cell phone repair services. Our team is proud to provide assistance to clients located throughout the Corona, California, area.