Solving computer, laptop, Cell phone, and tablet problems and providing the best repair solutions is what we do best.

  Customers have come to know us for being reliable, fast, and efficient.

  From PC upgrades, replacing broken Mac screens, IPAD, Tablet, Cell phone to removing damaging Virus, malware, adware, popups, and recovering seemingly  lost data, we do it all and we do it well.

            Computer repair

When you need a computer, tablet or a cell phone repair, count on us. From home offices and small businesses to complete office complexes, we are well-suited to provide effective solutions and services.

Data Recovery

There is nothing funny about losing information. Using patented software and the most effective tools available, we are able to recover all your data, as long as it is recoverable.

Virus Removal

Computer viruses and malware are perhaps the biggest problems computer users face. At computers plus, we are experts at compartmentalizing and removing infectious bugs that can damage hardware, slow your computer, or create data problems.

    Whether you are a PC or Mac user, we are capable of repairing whatever is amiss. Always running a thorough diagnostic analysis, we pinpoint the issue and correct the problem. From replacing faulty motherboards and broken ports to replacing cracked screens, our repairs are fast and effective. We repair Tablets, and Cell phones on most brands.

   Having the right software and making sure it is optimized can be key when it comes to business, storing data, and communications. We will work with you to find out your software needs or assess the problems and provide you with an optimal solution.

  Hardware Installation

      All parts needed for your computer, laptop, Tablet, or Cell phone are done can count on us to do the job right.

  Our technicians work fast and efficiently, most repairs done same day or next day.

 Call us at 951-278-4878 to speak with us about your computer repair needs and how we  can help.

Computer, Tablet, and Cell phone Repairs

Software Solutions & Upgrades