Computers PLUS provides expert data recovery in Corona, CA, for the PC and laptop market on deleted data, virus-caused missing data, formatted or partitioned hard drives, and bad sectors or clusters on hard drives. We handle other media as well, such as flash drives, thumb drives, SD cards, and external hard drives.


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We support Windows 2000/XP/2003/NT/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win 10 • Apple Mac O.S.  • NO DATA RECOVERED – NO CHARGE!


Don’t Panic, Reach out for Data Recovery in Corona, CA

Computers are convenient for so many different facets of modern life that we rely on them for a broad variety of reasons. They’re great for entertainment, communication, information handling, data processing, and data storage. It’s this last one which poses a real problem when your system malfunctions and takes all of your vital material along with it. That’s when -- once the panic and frustration have subsided -- you realize you need professional data recovery in Corona, CA, for everything which was lost.

At Computers PLUS, we specialize in finding and restoring material which has been swallowed by your PC or laptop. Accidental deletions, viruses, formatting errors -- it makes no difference what the source of the problem is; we are experienced and trained to restore your files to you. If we don’t recover your data, you don’t pay.

A Broad Range of Expertise

Our team has a reputation for stellar support with a focus on IT services for customers large and small. We work on Windows and Apple operating systems alike and do more than just service problem hard drives. Rest assured that at Computers PLUS, we handle all sorts of media and storage devices such as flash drives, thumb drives, SD cards, and external hard drives. So, if your flash drive has flushed, or your thumb drive has hitched a ride to the data deletion zone, call upon the experienced IT professionals you can trust.

We Come to You

On top of all the stress that comes from losing your data, you don’t want to compound it by having to disassemble your system, pack it up securely, transport it across town, and then worry about having to find a parking spot before you have your computer serviced. Don’t face that hassle, let us come to you. We provide on-site computer support for your system.

Discretion is also among the services we provide. If you have been victimized by the loss of personal or sensitive information, then you want a team you can rely upon to get it back without issue. Material of that nature has value; maybe it’s financial records or legal documents which are crucial. We have dealt with similar issues before and count secure data recovery among the many important services we offer to you.